6GW47PdIfqo0wrB-f6R4DMxyCGyUrmHjFVevfkPGWAA,xghF85wMcCeu9SLpvJ95uEWxn3nFc5jjkw6zoPb2Ug4,8XqDkPVqg38KKZ1YhhYmT_c84OPXS5HEezX_b2lNZoE,qVIzdqnfIKe8Wis9Wlv3X97ZotiO0XMi0bdJPBICvJcseed factory began as a sprout.

in 2002 i opened a tiny shop for children called sprout – over time we grew to fill that little space, then bigger and bigger until in 2008 we moved into our current home at white provisions with a new name seed factory.

i like to think we have grown over time much in the same way a child would – learning new things all the time.

seed factory carries clothing for children from newborn to age 8 – books, arts & crafts and simple wooden toys.  there is also a dedicated nursery area with furniture, basics and baby gifts.

our goal has always been to find smart classic gifts for children that your family will trust and enjoy.

every day i take pride in the shop – all of the people and the creativity that takes place.

hope you enjoy – rachel baba