milkbarn organics

_E1aX3BbaTQu3UC-WEMlpjIFrqBcoUGH9VDrZZ6wJDU,oYqa0t_JEoCSx9kZ0nhdl_OG2j3cLXKma9NcgzRAnhY uioLahyYCfyl4mFaIR4_ryv5JvmipBGTTJLCa8O-l2Q,kgTRtytEqtrBXx-MioWNw6UAuSheaXcBJnFUWmYlWyk,1LT_U94VRhSo8pXjOzwPZ-EnsUf0XPu82RxrVT7jMk4 FZRxpPF_S-b6v8bHJ-a-bZo0-SBaey5ZXLGDASmM3Zk,Et4jidHSTEsonMR8AI5_4fk7uEYJs4eW0DRcrR82R2Imilkbarn organics baby gifts are back in stock – hooded bath towels, burp cloth sets & swaddle blankets.

foxes, hedgehogs, elephants & deer prints decorate these organic cotton baby essentials!  this line is quickly becoming one of our most popular gift items especially when paired with cheengoo organic cotton baby rattles – we love a good theme so we try and match colors and animals..

a round up of crafts & toys for the week –


it’s been a while since we have had tegu magnetic blocks in the shop so we are glad to have them back!  we brought in the travel pouches, 14 piece sets and 24 piece sets in blues, tints & the sunset color range.

tegu takes magnets and wraps them in hard wood blocks so the blocks will hold together to build some amazing things!.. from tall buildings to crazy creatures your imagination sets the limits!

keti keta spring clothing –


lightweight cottons from this french line are perfect for the long hot summer to come here at home –

the colors and red white & blues in dresses for older girls, tops & bloomers for little girls and a solid indigo and pinstripe blue romper for boys.

…this is a really simple & elegant line!

j is for jelly


we kid you not when we tell you the store is covered in bunnies!…

big bunnies, little bunnies – cotton tail bunnies, bunny rattles – bunny stories and even a bunny ballerina!

beyond soft and well loved these jellycats are our favorites!

easter treats!…


easter treats are here and this is just a small sample of the tiny friends and bunnies from maileg – there are mice in matchboxes to tuck in at night, pacifier bunnies to sit in their chairs, and tons of pretty decorations to make their baskets look festive!