a new twist on ABC flash cards

PLzXzYlyumqHjnJxoRpvxxtOpkb8F2XNUyKe0dvaauY,j8Vau6aOIxtxf8YWbLopLKcINV5rw-OuQt1zObWQ8lk b8kdsX9NRQIH5LuVHk4YqvWWLcRroZmwTfTy3M3WgAE,LWwyQgo5AN2wkZf9bbBlM-iyEYAxCQ1d43LNF8OgrrA,q7iTMatA-OdS5RjnrUKRcyIZ1lSoHnfsxyBzyqMyJtUyes – currently loving the heavy card stock & thick bold black printing on these flash cards –

ABC’s and the states make for a fun twist on decorating a nursery or child’s playroom!

i’ve even hung the states in a big grid in our home using tears of old school masking tape – looks great!

a round up of crafts & toys for the week –


it’s been a while since we have had tegu magnetic blocks in the shop so we are glad to have them back!  we brought in the travel pouches, 14 piece sets and 24 piece sets in blues, tints & the sunset color range.

tegu takes magnets and wraps them in hard wood blocks so the blocks will hold together to build some amazing things!.. from tall buildings to crazy creatures your imagination sets the limits!



new from pirasta NYC their giant coloring posters – themes like NYC, the world & food fight!..

the posters are roughly 60 x 36″ on poster paper and ready for markers or crayons – a great birthday gift or activity!



we’ve loaded up on some of our favorite activity toys from eeboo – arts & craft supplies and memory games are some of the top picks!…  these make for great birthday gifts and family activities!  there is more in the store to peek through.  eeboo is one of our tried and true vendors – a small team with big hearts!

arts & crafts!


we have so many fun arts & crafts kits in the shop – for family activities at thanksgiving or those who are organized enough to begin their holiday shopping – we have a bunch of different themes, this one used paper bags to create raccoons and a fox which would be fun to decorate throughout november!