a new twist on ABC flash cards

PLzXzYlyumqHjnJxoRpvxxtOpkb8F2XNUyKe0dvaauY,j8Vau6aOIxtxf8YWbLopLKcINV5rw-OuQt1zObWQ8lk b8kdsX9NRQIH5LuVHk4YqvWWLcRroZmwTfTy3M3WgAE,LWwyQgo5AN2wkZf9bbBlM-iyEYAxCQ1d43LNF8OgrrA,q7iTMatA-OdS5RjnrUKRcyIZ1lSoHnfsxyBzyqMyJtUyes – currently loving the heavy card stock & thick bold black printing on these flash cards –

ABC’s and the states make for a fun twist on decorating a nursery or child’s playroom!

i’ve even hung the states in a big grid in our home using tears of old school masking tape – looks great!

who doesn’t love a good baby rattle?……

b8OaQuB9QTBRvpbLAKDdl0SoKajFI20ZVC4z2lcIPr0,ly8OatJItnxp5dj1blM5hCYoEuB4QYfBwG74xj67ICocheengoo organic cotton baby rattles are soft & safe play for little ones –

a cast of characters and colors make these a perfect addition to the gift of a onesie or board book!

** one of our fav’s is the little fox with the milkbarn fox burp cloths



new from pirasta NYC their giant coloring posters – themes like NYC, the world & food fight!..

the posters are roughly 60 x 36″ on poster paper and ready for markers or crayons – a great birthday gift or activity!


rylee & cru is a line of super soft clothing for infants & young toddlers.  made in california it exudes easy breezy living!  we have put their selection of rompers, tees & dresses online so take a peek!…  the snow cone might be one of my all time fav’s…

kukkia wooden toys from japan –



kukkia is a new line to seed factory – and one of our favorite toys is their etch – a – sketch.  it’s a solid wooden back board with a dog or cat house motif, three magnetic shapes to draw with and a pencil to write with…  the surface is cleared when the dog or cat goes for a walk!

it may not be a bunny but the spring colors would be perfect for a special easter basket!