beloved babar started as a collection of stories that cecile de brunhoff invented for her children. the first book in the series of babar, histoire de babar (the story of babar), was published by cecile’s husband jean de brunhoff in 1931. he then went on to write and illustrate six more stories before his death. the babar legacy continued when jean de brunhoff’s son, laurent de brunhoff, began telling more stories of babar. his first book babar’s cousin: that rascal arthur was published in 1948. he also took some of the sophisticated subject matter out of the tales with a collection of books for preschoolers: babar’s abc, babar’s book of color, and babar’s counting book. babar is one of the most famous characters in the world, right up there with mickey mouse! babar has been published in 17 languages with 30,000 publications to date.

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