a new twist on ABC flash cards

PLzXzYlyumqHjnJxoRpvxxtOpkb8F2XNUyKe0dvaauY,j8Vau6aOIxtxf8YWbLopLKcINV5rw-OuQt1zObWQ8lk b8kdsX9NRQIH5LuVHk4YqvWWLcRroZmwTfTy3M3WgAE,LWwyQgo5AN2wkZf9bbBlM-iyEYAxCQ1d43LNF8OgrrA,q7iTMatA-OdS5RjnrUKRcyIZ1lSoHnfsxyBzyqMyJtUyes – currently loving the heavy card stock & thick bold black printing on these flash cards –

ABC’s and the states make for a fun twist on decorating a nursery or child’s playroom!

i’ve even hung the states in a big grid in our home using tears of old school masking tape – looks great!