bright delights, sugar sugar by lay baby lay

just wanted to take a second to thank everyone who came out for our nursery launch. it was such a fun day! it is always so exciting to help first-time parents pick out things for baby. warms our hearts! another highlight of the day was getting to have joni from lay baby lay at the shop for a couple of hours. joni is just the sweetest and she’s so clever. we are going to be sharing the design boards she created for us over the course of this week, complete with resources! thanks again joni for all of your hard work that went into helping make the nursery launch so special!

(1) riviera pendant/ (2) pink picket fences/ (3) i can count poster/ (4) stay true to you/ (5) perfume bottles/ (6) antique camera/ (7) shoes/ (8) candy canes/ (9) tupperware trays/ (10) bunny bookends/ (11) oeuf sparrow crib: available at seed factory/ (12) white century dresser: available at seed factory/ (13) vintage nancy drew/ (14) oilo glider/ (15) black and white pillow/ (16) treacle bunny/ (17) almonds ink rug: available for special order/ (18) pink pouf/ (19) counting birds puzzle: available at seed factory