gifts to give: hopscotch kids polish sets


*solvent free *phthalate free *paraben free *vegan *cruelty-free *fragrance free *toxin free *biodegradable

each hopscotch kids polish set comes with two colors, one glitter top coat, and polish remover. $32.

hopscotch kids watercolors are non-toxic, kid-friendly alternatives to solvent-based nail polish. these pretty polishes are free of the harsh, smelly chemicals that most nail polishes contain, helping condition your little one’s nails with long-lasting, vibrant color.

hopscotch kids watercolors glitter top coat: for longer-lasting wear, it protects nails from scratches and provides an extra boost of shine.

hopscotch kids soy polish remover: hopscotch kids revolutionary soy polish remover has been formulated to remove both water-based and solvent-based nail polishes safely and naturally without stripping the nails of natural oils.