new from hape!

1. coffee maker – would you like a cup?
2. pop-up toaster – please pass the jam.
3. color and shape sorter – triangle, square, circle.
4. original supermaze – zip, zoom!
5. 1.2.3 shape sorter – drop, plop!
6. first pounder – bam bam bam

1. stroller – let’s take a walk outside.
2. high chair – dinner is ready. open up!
3. check out register – that’ll be one dollar and twenty-two cents.
4. grocery cart – bananas, apples, broccoli, tomatoes…

So many beautiful wooden toys from hape have arrived. from playing house to first toys, we have a wide selection in stock. these toys make perfect first birthday gifts as well as learning tools for little ones. stop by and play some time soon!