we’re crafting crazy this spring!..

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we are having a lot of fun making crafts for the shop & blog this spring – we have a bunch of new family craft books with great DIY ideas!..  this one is the coffee bean bag letters and our friends at octane coffee gave us a handful of coffee bean bags with good logos & colors on them for us to use – so as a thank you we made their daughters initials to hang in their room!


1.  print out your letters or symbols in outline form and cut out – we print ours to fill an 8 1/2 by 11″ sheet of paper.  with a pencil you will use the cut outs as a stencil and trace around them on your burlap.

2.  cut out your coffee bean bags – we cut roughly 10 by 10″ – and pick your thread colors to play off the paint colors on the coffee bean bags.

3.  using the longest & tightest zig zag stitch on your sewing machine stitch right over the pencil line you traced.

4.  now you can cut your edges as close to your stitched letter as you like – and pull single strands out at the edges leaving you with a cute frayed edge.

hang anyway you like!.. we used twine & clothespins  for this gift.  have fun!