his and hers bunks!

oeuf’s perch bunk bed is a huge hit with boys and girls and we thought it would be fun to show it both ways:

  • a cluster of poufs for the girls (we carry a book called crafting with kids with instructions on how to make them) and retro-inspired soccer prints for the boys (would be fun to find retro prints of their favorite players).
  • for the bedding we used utility canvas in a patterned quilt for her and a solid, bright green for boy. shams coordinate to tie things together.
  • “my life rocks” diary and tin tin erector set add a little personality to the space.
  • flor fuzzy button rugs in sky can be added for a pop of color, as well as a poppy orange modernica rocker for reading!

    *everything but the rugs, poufs, and posters available for purchase or special order from seed factory.