buy an origami stroller, get a free accessory!

from now until august 31, 2012 we will be offering a special promotion from 4moms for the origami stroller. we love watching people’s reactions when they experience the origami stroller for the first time. people are absolutely amazed! it really is such a great stroller with some really fun (yet totally practical) bells and whistles. right now if you purchase one you can have your choice of a free accessory. choose from a color kit of your choice (available in pink, blue, red, green, and black), a cell phone charger + handlebar bag, or a car seat adapter kit.

we have some stock of the accessories and the rest will be fulfilled by 4moms and sent directly to your house. how great is that? come and test and the stroller and we’ll be ready to answer any questions you may have! offer only available for in-store purchases.