the idea for our lovebugs photo shoot came after a visit from a little girl & her family – they came into sprout and she was carrying her ‘orange blanket‘ – tattered & well loved!
it had been purchased from our shop only a few years earlier but it looked as though it had already received a lifetime of love.
you can’t argue that fact that our lovebugs – our blankets, our stuffed animals and those items which bring us such comfort are often our first best friend.



photogsour labor of love photography saw magic as well so we teamed up to capture children with their most loved companions. so began the question… “who is your love bug?”



expectthe lovebug photo shoot is not your traditional portrait sitting… it is all about play!
the shoot takes place over the course of a day – we layer in 2 or 3 families at a time. the children often play independently of one another and there is a lot of fun energy in the room.


it has been our experience that this type of interactive photo shoot best suits children ages 2 and a half and older.

there are toys and props in the room and at some point the children leave their parents and begin to explore – that is when heidi will make her move – they are most often on the floor with the children and moving around the room. at some point both photographer & subject arrive at the big bright white paper background and there is lots of play back and forth with the camera.

parents usually hang out and watch – it is a fun casual environment!
our labor of love will bring one of their digital smilebooths to help everybody warm up and get comfortable. because having your picture taken can be intimidating, we like to let children take their time.