Lou came into our lives when Gus was four months old.

He sat in the corner of the crib for only a day before Gus took notice, and they became fast friends.
Shortly after, Gus discovered that Lou’s tail could conveniently wrap itself around his thumb with its tip always nestled at Gus’ nose.
Wherever Gus went, Lou would follow. Except, of course, when Gus and Lou were playing hide and seek – Lou was great at hiding.
Lou really knows how to hold down the fort when Gus isn’t around – and patiently waits until he returns. And the best part to me is that Lou is always there when Gus sleeps and when he wakes. Lou joins Gus for breakfast and even accompanies him to every restroom break.
Even now that Gus is six and life is full, he always greets Lou with a quick sniff of the tip of that tattered tail.
Lou has an amazing ability to make Gus laugh and cheer him up when he’s sad. He comforts Gus when he’s sleepy and greets him every day with his quiet smile.

I can’t quite find the words to describe the love that exists between a boy and his lion, but I think you get the picture.

Lou and Gus. Gus and Lou.

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