seed factory rat lovebugoliver and rat were meant to be – they chose each other.  purchased for a friend when oliver was 6 months old, oliver grabbed her ( yes!.. her ) and never let her go.  ear in the mouth like a pacifier, tail forever intertwined around his fingers, more kisses on her nose than you can count.  band – aids on her chin from ‘jumping out of the crib’, paint splatters from his burgeoning art career and her own tiny halloween costumes – gnome, vampire, beignet!

she has a forever spot on the family roster.

we used to have multiples – one for school and one for home as well as many more hiding in the closet in case of emergency.  ( $3.00 at ikea )  rat’s supposed recipient is now in middle school and could have cared less – oliver is 7.5 and still cares so much it hurts.

we love that because it means we can continue to document the love each year at lovebugs..

oliver and lovebugs were meant to be as well.  it wasn’t even that fateful that oliver and rat were traveling in tandem for a visit to seed factory since that’s how those two roll.  one look at the crispy ears, tattered tail and a band aid on rat’s chin and this couple were destined to help inagurate the first lovebugs photo shoot.

what i saw that day was a kid and his best pal running around, never stopping to pose, smile or face the camera – and really, never stopping!  i thought there was no way that jesse & whitney would be able to capture anything but a blur.  oh ye of little faith.

what you will find in these photos that are now as precious to us as rat, well like i need to explain it?.. it would take far more than one thousand words!

amy – oliver’s mom

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