registry 101

welcome to seed factory registry 101! if you were thinking of registering online with us we’d love to show you around. we know how exciting (and at times nerve racking) getting ready for baby can be. let us walk you through the process to simplify things and allow your friends and family to spoil you and that little one. we’ll start with setting up a registry:

1. the first thing you want to do is click on the tiny gift icon in the top right corner.


2. click on the button that says “login” in the top right corner, you’ll need to first set up an account.


3. click “create an account.”


4. fill out the form and save. you have now created an account!


5. you will now create a gift registry by clicking “view/add gift registry.”


6. when creating your password for your registry, we recommend using babyboy, babygirl, or surprise, that way it’s easy to remember. your guests will need this password to access your registry. we do that to respect your privacy.


7. once you’ve created a registry (or wish list) you can easily add items by clicking “add to gift registry.”


8. you can view your registry at any time by hitting the account button in the top right corner.




lastly, it is super easy to share your gift registry with family and friends by adding their name & email to the bottom of your logged in page – just hit send and they will receive a link to your registry with your privacy password included!

happy registering and please email us here with any questions or call the shop at 404-355-2043.

thank you for registering with us!