turning six

-details: we love this cute + simple pinata invite. check out this awesome party backdrop inspired by one of our favorites: skippy jon jones. how awesome is that taco shell garland?

-food + drink: make these yummy individual servings of 7-layer dip. for drinks, izze always makes for a sure fire hit. you will love that there is no added sugar. for a reptile-themed party make some “swamp juice.” the jar glasses covered in bugs is a great touch. this amazing cake was made by our neighbors over at star provisions. quite life-like, no?

-party ideas: throw a fiesta complete with tons of bright colors and of course a pinata! fill it with healthier treats like cane sugar sweetened organic lollipops, natural fruit snacks, etc. have a reptile party! this is a fun idea for boys and girls. we highly recommend my reptile guys who will come to your house with their menagerie of critters. kids will freak when they see banana, the huge yellow python.